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He’s fairer than lillies….

A few years ago when I was going through a difficult time in my life, the Lord revealed so much to me. As Christians, we all must come to those places in our our lives where God reveals things to us we've never really saw before. God showed me in this time of trial that [...]

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Seek God in 2018!

Hello, friends! What a blessing to be alive and know JESUS! My prayer is that this will encourage someone today to seek God with their whole heart this year! It’s evident that we are living in times of trouble. We can look around and easily become very discouraged. Trials and tribulations are almost everywhere we [...]

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Fall In Love With Jesus!!

Hello to all! I am up very late writing to you all now.. I've been thinking a lot lately about how deep the Father's love truly is. It's unfathomable, unchanging, unfailing!! WOW! Many a Christian have suffered in this lifetime, faced dark trials, and waded through deep, troubled waters, and many always will. As Christians, [...]

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Never Give up, cause Jesus NEVER fails!

Hello, friends! It's been a couple of months since we have written to you! Can we just say 'THANKS A MILLION!' ??? LOL! We are so GRATEFUL for you all! Your love, prayers and support towards our ministry does not go unseen, un-felt or unheard! SO thankful for the love of our lives, JESUS! Amazed [...]

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God IS Faithful!

Hello, dear friends! I just want to take a minute and say, 'Thank you, Lord for your grace, mercy, love and FAVOR!' You all may wonder why we use those 3 words so often ~ "God is faithful"..well, He IS! He has been, and He will be faithful! His promises are TRUE! Through every trail, [...]

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Another Year!

What a year we had in 2016!! Wow! That's all we can say! God is so good to us! We finished our new project "Joshua 24:15" in late September and were just a couple of days away from ordering product and having the new CD in hand...but God had other plans. We were approached by our [...]

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