Fall In Love With Jesus!!

Hello to all! I am up very late writing to you all now.. I've been thinking a lot lately about how deep the Father's love truly is. It's unfathomable, unchanging, unfailing!! WOW! Many a Christian have suffered in this lifetime, faced dark trials, and waded through deep, troubled waters, and many always will. As Christians, [...]

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Never Give up, cause Jesus NEVER fails!

Hello, friends! It's been a couple of months since we have written to you! Can we just say 'THANKS A MILLION!' ??? LOL! We are so GRATEFUL for you all! Your love, prayers and support towards our ministry does not go unseen, un-felt or unheard! SO thankful for the love of our lives, JESUS! Amazed [...]

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God IS Faithful!

Hello, dear friends! I just want to take a minute and say, 'Thank you, Lord for your grace, mercy, love and FAVOR!' You all may wonder why we use those 3 words so often ~ "God is faithful"..well, He IS! He has been, and He will be faithful! His promises are TRUE! Through every trail, [...]

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