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Never Give up, cause Jesus NEVER fails!

Hello, friends!

It’s been a couple of months since we have written to you! Can we just say ‘THANKS A MILLION!’ ??? LOL! We are so GRATEFUL for you all! Your love, prayers and support towards our ministry does not go unseen, un-felt or unheard!

SO thankful for the love of our lives, JESUS! Amazed at His infinite mercy and grace! As I type this, the tears are falling!! Truly, God has shown us His faithfulness in the past year unlike any other time in our lives. If our lives were scripted into a movie, you would see a story of trials, tribulations, failures, hurt and disappoints, but somewhere in the middle, you would see TRIUMPH, VICTORY and JOY that only Jesus can bring in the midst of all the many disappointments! He IS faithful, HE NEVER […]

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