Hello to all!

I am up very late writing to you all now..

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how deep the Father’s love truly is. It’s unfathomable, unchanging, unfailing!! WOW!

Many a Christian have suffered in this lifetime, faced dark trials, and waded through deep, troubled waters, and many always will. As Christians, we are not exempt from hurting, failing and losing.

The unbelievers laugh and cry out, ‘Where is your God now!?’ when they see us seemingly falling apart.

The unbeliever needs nothing and no one. They rely on self, and they depend on their mortal flesh to get them through every walk of life. Their life has no purpose at all.

As believers, we have a constant companion that holds us close during hardships, fights for us during battles, works with us through trials, leads the way through darkness! Since the Garden of Eden, we’ve known that we will sin, but God gave His son, the propitiation for our sin, to save us by grace through faith! John 3;16

Now we know that without tribulations there would be no joy in the triumphs, without faults there would be no need for forgiveness, without discomfort there would be no need for The Comforter! God wants to mold, refine and fashion us into His likeness so as to glorify His Holy Name! He loves us in spite of our sinfulness, and He sacrificed it all for you and I! 2 Corinthians 1:4-5

The sad reality is this…

We can’t force someone to love or enjoy something just because we do. They must see and believe it for themselves! John 3: 18-20

We share what we know, what we’ve experienced, where we were brought from….we share the magnificent LOVE of Jesus Christ the best that we know how and pray that those in darkness will come to know and see the light and fall deeply in love with our lovely Lord Jesus, just as we have! 1 John 4:8


Help us to be true Ambassadors for Thy Kingdom, for Thy Glory. Help us shine for Christ and show the world that Jesus loves them! 2 Corinthians 5:20