In October of 2009 Josh Jordan’s dad, Bro. Fain Jordan, passed away unexpectedly. It was shortly thereafter, while struggling with shock and a great sense of loss, the Lord allowed Josh, his wife Randa, and their three boys to hear the single “Dealing With Gold” by the Inspirations while driving down the road one evening. Through this song, the Lord brought great comfort to their family and touched their hearts deeply. It quickly became a favorite of the entire family.

After purchasing the album in its entirety, the Jordan children – Hutch, Alex and Grant – quickly started singing along with each of its tracks. “Inspired by the Inspirations,” Josh and Randa like to say, they realized that this was a great opportunity to start a family group. They began by learning the boy’s favorite track, “Dealing With Gold” and from the first time they stood and sang it in church, the response was overwhelming!

The rest, as they say, is history!

The Jordan Family Band represents something that few people witness in today’s gospel music scene: a complete family unit singing, playing, and ministering together. The Jordan Family is members of New Town Baptist Church in Calhoun, Ga.


Alex Jordan
Alex JordanVocals and Guitar
Alex Jordan sings lead, tenor and “bass” for the JFB. Born May 9, 2005, Alex has been blessed at a very young age with an amazing voice and is a perennial crowd favorite whenever the JFB takes the stage. He is featured on many songs with his unique smooth voice, and even covers lead, tenor and bass on the song “Good Care of Me”. Alex is learning to play the mandolin and plays it and bass guitar on many songs live.
Hutch Jordan
Hutch JordanVocals and Guitar
Hutch Jordan sings lead and tenor for the JFB. He was born January 18, 2000 and God has certainly blessed him with many talents in a short time! An accomplished, self taught drummer, Hutch has been playing since he was 8 years old. Hutch has also expanded his instrumental repertoire and now plays rhythm and bass guitars, electric guitar, banjo, mandolin and even some piano. He is featured on most tracks on both family albums playing various instruments and “swaps” between several instruments live!
Grant Jordan
Grant JordanVocals
Grant Jordan is the youngest of the Jordan family. Born August 16, 2007, Grant is quickly finding his voice and is featured on the JFB’s “Across the Miles” CD along with his favorite bass singer- Mike Holcomb (ole “6’4, 94”) of the Inspirations Qt. A little shy when it comes to singing live, Grant has promised the family he will sing live when he, quote-“get’s bigger like Alex!”
Randa Jordan
Randa JordanSoprano Vocals and Piano
Randa Jordan has been singing in church regularly since the age of 3 and playing piano since the age of 6. She recorded her first music project playing piano and singing at the age of 8. Later, she followed up with another project at age 10. As the children of an evangelist, Randa and her brother, Wesley, traveled the United States for many years singing and ministering with their family. Shortly after Josh and Randa were married, they recorded their first project together and then later joined with Randa’s brother, Wesley and formed the trio, “Latter Rain”. The trio was blessed to travel and minister for over two years. Randa has also sang background vocals on many other CD projects for different artist and recording studio’s including Lamp Music South Studio, Phil Cross Music, and more. She has penned many songs through the years and in 2010 released her newest solo project, “Randa Jordan”. The album includes popular songs such as, “The Broken One’s”, “It Came To Pass” and “You Raise Me Up”. Randa plays piano, sings lead and soprano for the JFB while “keeping everything in harmony and organized”. (as Josh likes to put it!)
Josh Jordan
Josh JordanBaritone Vocals and Guitar
Josh Jordan grew up playing and singing in church with his mother and siblings. He later accompanied several renowned groups in the North Georgia area. After Josh and Randa were married, he helped form the trio “Latter Rain” with Randa and her brother, Wesley. The trio was blessed to travel and minister throughout the southeast for over two years. Josh has produced/co-produced several CD projects and has played instruments on many studio albums for various artist and recording studio’s throughout the years including Lamp Music South Studio, CrossRoads Studio, and more. Josh has recorded all of the family projects at a place he affectionately calls “Closet Studios.” He played Acoustic/Rythmn Guitars, Bass/Upright Bass, Electric Guitars, Mandolin, Harmonica and he wrote many of the songs you hear on the albums. Josh sings whatever the kids and Randa let him sing, while claiming to be the official “equipment loader” for the JFB!